Dave Solberg

Slide Room Troubleshoot: Identifying Your RV Slide Out Mechanism

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   1  mins

If you notice your RV slide room is experiencing some sort of malfunction, you may need to troubleshoot to diagnose the problem and figure out the best course of action. In order to pinpoint the proper solution, you have to first determine the type of RV slide out mechanism that’s equipped on your rig. Once you know what you’re working with, you can streamline the repair process.

In this lesson, Dave Solberg introduces some of the most common kinds of slide room mechanisms and discusses the importance of going into a troubleshoot with all the right information. With Dave’s help, your room will be extending and retracting like normal in no time flat!

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12 Responses to “Slide Room Troubleshoot: Identifying Your RV Slide Out Mechanism”

  1. Kacie Maxwell

    I have a 2000 Coachman Catalina 5th wheel with a RBW Industries INC Gear Rack Slide Out that I just noticed the slide out is not even as in it is fully extended where the couch is but where the table is that is where it is sliding back into the living area. I have the original owner's manual and have gone over it time and time again and cannot for the life of me understand how and where to go for the manual override, I have a feeling that it being uneven is the reason for the roof leaking in the same area after I have sealed the roof on said area with RV sealant as well as with roof patch and tar and it still leaks. I did recently make sure it was level and not higher on one side then the other. I live in the camper full time with my daughters and could use some help to get this taken care of and sealed with adjustments. The switch is not working either I tried that first. I am hooked to constant 120 on the meter box if that helps, there is no reason for the batteries to be drained however I have hooked up a charger/maintainer in case that was the issue. I can't get the crank shaft that's accessible from the outside of the frame in my unit over by the water heater access and furnace access, it will rotate 2-3 times and then nothing, but it doesn't seem that it is moving the slide out any. I am trying to do this on without asking for help so I am doing it as fast as I can and getting frustrated at it which I know does me no good. This is why I joined the site it was originally to work on the water heater which I have done so successfully as well as I have run some of the electrical but am feeling defeated. Please can you help walk me through what and where I need to go to get this done, I don't have a truck to pull the 5th wheel to a shop either so that is out of the question since it is permanently on my lot. Thank you so much

  2. Dennis Paul

    2005 Fleetwood discovery 38U slide rooms do not function

  3. Todd Hubley

    I have a 2018 Forest River 2506S and the slide out just stopped working and I can't find any information on it. When I press the toggle switch there is nothing happening sp I checked and there is no power to any of the 4 wires on the back of the switch. Everything else works fine and battery is fully charged. I don't even see where to use the manual crank?

  4. Terry McFarland

    2004 Winnebago Journey two slides. Neither slide will move all of sudden. Not sure how to trouble shoot this ?

  5. Karen

    I have a 2005 Holiday Rambler Vacationer. The converter is not working and now the slides will not pull in when I start it. Any suggestions of what to check?

  6. Dan

    Let's start

  7. Jim

    I have a 2004 36' Monaco La Palma with 2 slides. The main slide will retract all the way, but after driving a short distance the lower edge will open up about an inch and a half while the top is all the way in. Can I adjust this or do I have to take it in to a shop?

  8. paul campbell

    reasearching info on slideouts

  9. lynn Donnelly

    Where do i find slide out motor on a 2008 kodiak travel trailor

  10. Richard

    How do I identify the manufacturer of my Alpine Avalanche slide out mechanism?

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