Slide Room Troubleshoot: Identifying Your RV Slide Out Mechanism

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If you notice your RV slide room is experiencing some sort of malfunction, you may need to troubleshoot to diagnose the problem and figure out the best course of action. In order to pinpoint the proper solution, you have to first determine the type of RV slide out mechanism that’s equipped on your rig. Once you know what you’re working with, you can streamline the repair process.

In this lesson, Dave Solberg introduces some of the most common kinds of slide room mechanisms and discusses the importance of going into a troubleshoot with all the right information. With Dave’s help, your room will be extending and retracting like normal in no time flat!

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10 Responses to “Slide Room Troubleshoot: Identifying Your RV Slide Out Mechanism”
  1. Paul/Cleone

    We have a 2010 Winnebago Adventurer with a total side electric mechanism slideout. Right now our slideout is about 4 inches out and we cannot get it in. It also won’t go out all the way. The back goes out, but the front is not in sinc with it. Help! At this point we can’t even take it someplace to have someone look at it and work on it because we can’t drive it with the slide not all the way in.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Paul/Cleone.

      To provide more specific information regarding your slide room mechanism, we need the model of your Adventurer. In 2010 they used a Power Gear rack and pinion on the 32’ model and a series of Kwikee models on the 35’ and 37’. Typically if the room does not come in it could be low battery power that is not releasing the brake on the gear, or it has reset the stop position memory on the one side. You should have instructions in your owner’s packet regarding how to manually bring the room in? If not, contact Winnebago Ind Owner Relations Dept. I think either way, you need to get it to a dealer for inspection and proper resync? If you can get the unit most of the way in and it’s only sticking out 4” on one side, you can safely drive that as it will not slide in and out. If you want added piece of mind, cut a 2×4” the length of the space between the wall and the inside room flange and wedge one or two in between.

      David RVRC Video Membership

  2. Richard

    How do I identify the manufacturer of my Alpine Avalanche slide out mechanism?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Richard,

      All slide room mechanisms need a motor to drive the slide whether it’s a hydraulic model or electric. If you can find the motor, it should have the make, model, and serial number. To provide more specific information on your slide mechanism, you could take some photos of the rams or cables and we should be able to assist. Also, please provide the year and model of your Avalance.

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    • Customer Service

      Hello Richard,

      It sounds like you have a loose connection that is allowing air to come into the system, usually before the pump which would be a low pressure side of the system. Check all your connections and it would be a good idea to apply a little plumbers tape to the fittings to make sure you have a good connection.

      Hope this helps,
      David RVRC Video Membership

  3. Jim

    I have a 2004 36′ Monaco La Palma with 2 slides. The main slide will retract all the way, but after driving a short distance the lower edge will open up about an inch and a half while the top is all the way in. Can I adjust this or do I have to take it in to a shop?





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