RV Training School: Driving Safely with Dave Solberg

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Duration: 9:50

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Navigating safely in an RV demands full focus, requiring drivers to be constantly aware of their surrounding at all times. Do you know what’s 100 yards ahead? How about 20 feet? Is there a small vehicle in your blind spot? Someone tailing too close behind? When you’re completely tuned into traffic patterns, road conditions, and the state of your own vehicle, you’re doing it the right way! In this in-depth demonstration, expert Dave Solberg takes you through a comprehensive RV training lesson, showing you how to safely get around the country in your RV, whether it be narrow city streets or hectic, five-lane freeways.

With Dave’s help, you’ll learn all the basic considerations you should need to get started behind the wheel. He talks about correct hand placement, proper merging into and out of the left lane, the importance of constant scanning, and other basics every driver ought to understand. Do you know how to handle a tire blowout? You will now! Utilize all of Dave’s expert RV training tips, and we guarantee you’ll become a better, safer and more confident driver in no time, no matter the vehicle type you choose!