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“The Uninhabited Land” of Big Bend National Park

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The Spanish explorers who first set foot across the Rio Grande into what is now West Texas dubbed it “The Uninhabited Land.” When they looked out over the desert terrain, arid grasslands, and jagged slopes of the Chisos Mountains, they couldn’t imagine any form of life surviving in such an unforgiving environment. Today, though, it’s impossible to walk or canoe through this awe-inspiring stretch of the Chihuahuan Desert and miss the plants and animals that thrive here. Take a closer look at the nooks and crannies that make up Big Bend National Park and you will find a hugely diverse ecosystem, comprising more than 5,000 species across countless microclimates. Step with us through the waters of the Grand River and witness the quiet majesty of Big Bend National Park.

Big Bend National Park: A land as diverse as they come

Larger than Rhode Island and higher in elevation than any other American national park, Big Bend National Park defies expectations at every turn. Big Bend Country plays host to nearly 1,000 miles of the Rio Grande, alongside which rustlers and bandits once raided and looted for more than a century, escaping across the river to find safe haven.

Now many years separated from this history, Big Bend serves as a haven to countless wildlife and a land of adventure for travelers. When you visit Big Bend National Park, there are various ways to discover its mysteries, from the scenic hikes offered by Boquillas Canyon Trail and Grapevine Hills Trail to a winding canoe journey through Santa Elena Canyon. Also, if you’re in search of some of our nation’s premier birdwatching, you’ll find few better locales than this West Texas aviary.

Whatever your thrill, we guarantee you can satisfy it at Big Bend National Park. So what are you waiting for? Go get your keys!

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