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Tape Measure Secrets for RV Maintenance

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Duration:   2  mins

In this free video lesson, RV maintenance expert Dave Solberg teaches you some tape measure secrets that you can use to maximize this handy tool when working on your RV.

Firstly, the wider your tape is, the longer it’ll stand up on its own when measuring for distance (without needing a second hand).

Next, the metal piece at the end of the tape is designed to wiggle so you can record a variety of measurements — your tape isn’t messed up, it’s meant to be that way! This metal piece also has a small slot so you can hook it onto a wall nail so you don’t need another set of hands, as well as a serrated edge so you can score your material if you don’t have a pencil nearby.

As for the last of the tape measure secrets that you can use to your advantage: most tape measures have a marking every 16 inches. Those marks are to help you find the on-center distance on any standard stud wall. Studs are generally 16 inches apart, so those marks should serve as a helpful guide anytime you’re looking for your center. They also have marks every 19.2 inches, which is the standard on-center distance for roof trusses.

Now you know!

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One Response to “Tape Measure Secrets for RV Maintenance”

  1. Chris Vanslager

    Great video. My intent is not to sharp shoot, but you did not really explain "why" the nail grab is loose. Its loose to accommodate the 1/16th inch width of the nail grab, regardless of whether you're measure an outside or inside dimension. Again, thanks for the great video. Chris

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