Don’t Forget the Windshield in Your Annual RV Maintenance

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Duration: 6:06

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It takes very little time to inspect your front windshield, according to this RV maintenance video – and spending the time more than pays off down the road. Taking preventive steps can reduce the need for expensive windshield and water damage repairs.

During your annual RV maintenance check, examine the windshield to look for cracks and to make sure the seals are solid. Before you start looking, clean the windshield using the following technique.

To get off bugs and dirt, spray your windshield and let it sit. The debris loosens up and becomes easier to remove. After you spray but before you wipe the window, take time to examine the windshield seals. The lower seal is especially notorious for shrinking, and if that happens, get the seal replaced.

Also run a piece of plastic along the bottom seals. If you find major bumps, replace the seals; if you find just a small bump, keep your eye on it.

Then go back to wipe the window. As part of your RV maintenance, also inspect the whole windshield. If the seal down the center is loose, have someone take it off and apply silicone to reseal it.

If you find a chip in the window, get it fixed. Otherwise when you hit a bump in the road, the chip can expand into a crack and you may need to get a whole new windshield. This is one place where a little RV maintenance can save you a whole lot of money.

Another important part of RV maintenance is inspecting your clearance lights. Check that the bulbs are working and seals are tight. Clearance lights, along with windshields, are areas that invite moisture damage, so it’s worth keeping them in good shape.