Double Your Antenna Signal Strength by Installing the Winegard Rayzar Air

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Duration: 4:26

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One of the best things about living the RV lifestyle is the beautiful scenery you’ll enjoy right outside your front door. Anything gets old after enough time has passed, though, and that includes even beautiful natural vistas. Sooner or later you’re going to want to enjoy your favorite television shows just for a change of pace.

Your RVs antenna takes the place of a home cable setup, but some antenna rigs aren’t very efficient when it comes to pulling in the signal strength. If you’re usually stuck with just a channel or two (and usually the ones you don’t want to watch) change your antenna to the Winegard Rayzar Air. The wing shaped antenna moves with the wind, pulls in signal from two sides at once, and can double your old signal strength in just a ten minute job.

In this video you’ll learn how to remove your old antenna and determine which of the two posts formerly needed is the one you need to keep. Find out how to remove the older post you don’t need without damaging the remaining antenna post before attaching the Winegard Rayzar Air. You’ll see how to attach the new antenna using only simple tools in a matter of minutes. Finally, you’ll learn intelligent hints and tips about safety with the Winegard Rayzar Air and other RV antennas when packing up for the road, and setting up your campsite. Learn some clever reminder tactics to get you into the habit of cranking down your antenna rig before leaving your camp spot and driving under trees and overpasses.