AC Filter Cleaning to Improve RV Cooling Efficiency

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Duration:   3:24   mins

In this free video lesson, RV Repair Club contributor Joshua Sherer walks you through the AC filter cleaning process so you can get your RV vents running more efficiently. On typical rigs used for standard travel, vents don’t need to be cleaned more than once per month. However, if you’re frequently traveling in regions where the air might not be so pure, you should consider taking care of your vents more often.

To begin the AC filter cleaning, Joshua recommends first shutting down the unit. With the unit off, remove the filter, and clean it thoroughly with dish soap and plenty of water. You’ll repeat this process with the grate. While you clean the grate, hang the filter outside to air dry. When the filter is dry, put it back into the grate, and screw or clip both back into the vent opening. As mentioned before, you should complete this process at least once per month and more often if necessary. Keep your filters clean, and you might see a big difference in the efficiency of your AC unit!

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