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Helpful Tips for Your RV Windshield Wipers

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It is important to take time each year to go over your entire windshield, including the RV windshield wipers. Over time the wipers can become damaged and detached from the wiper assembly, causing visibility issues and other problems which could scratch or damage the windshield. RV windshield wipers can become damaged from driving in the winter and extended exposure to sun. It may be necessary to clean the wipers regularly and depending upon the damage it could be necessary to change the RV windshield wipers completely.

The best thing to do when cleaning the RV windshield wipers is to regularly clean it off with rubbing alcohol. This cleans all of the grease and oil off of the wiper. Pour the rubbing alcohol on a link-free cloth and run it along the bottom of the blade and over both sides of it. It may be necessary to do this a few times.

While cleaning your RV windshield wipers look for any nicks or rough spots. If you discover any minor imperfections you may want to take some sandpaper or steel wool over the spots to smooth them out. If damage is too bad, it may be time to replace your RV windshield wipers.

When storing your RV, place something between the wiper blades and the windshield. A simple piece of cardboard will prevent the blades from getting baked into the windshield and will reduce the chances you may have to replace the wipers when taking the RV out of storage.

With the proper maintenance of your windshield wipers you will ensure a clear visual of the road that lies ahead.

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