Experience the Reverie of Virgin Islands National Park

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Eden does exist. It is real, and it can be found in the crystal waters to the southeast of the continental United States, where the sea is warm and blue and tranquility takes the form of green-capped isles, sparkling hidden coves and soft white sand. The place is Virgin Islands National Park, and the time is now.

The idyllic inlets and long history of the Virgin Islands

Christopher Columbus gave them their name on his second voyage to the Western Hemisphere. The Virgin Islands, true paradise just a boat ride away. This spectacular chain of roughly 50 islands boasts some of the most picturesque views and destination vacations in the world. Key among the isles is St. Thomas, home to the vast majority of Virgin Islands National Park, which comprises more than 7,000 acres of America’s southernmost islands.

In the harbors and coves of this “remembered eden”, pirates once patrolled the waters, but now flags of a drastically different sort skim the horizon. Sailing is a hugely popular activity amongst the visitors of Virgin Islands National Park, as are day trips and hikes to any of the numerous ruins of the isles’ staple industry: sugar cane. Explore the lasting remains of Annaberg Sugar Mill, or take a seat and soak up the rays in a romantic bay. The choice is yours at Virgin Islands National Park.