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Gas vs Diesel RV: Which Is Right For You?

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Duration:   2  mins

There’s been a longstanding disagreement between those who believe gas-powered RVs are superior and those who favor diesel. A couple decades ago, it wasn’t really worth it to invest in diesel unless you were partaking in a very specific type of travel. Nowadays, the gap has narrowed, and the debate has intensified. Whichever side of the gas vs diesel RV debate you represent likely depends on a few factors. In this lesson, we teach you about those factors, and discuss some of the distinguishing characteristics of gas- and diesel-powered units.

Making the choice: gas vs diesel RV

To help you pick a side in this great debate, Dave Solberg contrasts the capabilities and limits of each type of RV. He explains why certain types of towing and travel are best suited for diesel RVs, what makes them much more expensive and less affected by wind, and how you should decide whether the upgrade is worth the cost. Per Dave’s advice, always be sure to factor in your specific needs when opting for one option or the other. Know what you’ll be doing when you hit the road, then choose your side!

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2 Responses to “Gas vs Diesel RV: Which Is Right For You?”

  1. CRAIG

    Han an Allegro Open Road 35 QBA for five years, traded it in for a Phaeton. We wish we had spent the extra money in 2011 for a RED! I had to stop our "books on tape” going up EVERY big hill because we couldn’t hear above the din. Then at night the generator is under the bed. The Phaeton is incredibly quiet underway. For MPG reasons I don’t drive over 63 MPH, when big trucks pass the bow wave and slipstream are barely felt! We only average about two MPG better than before so with the price difference the cost of fuel is a push. Oil change/regular maintenance is much more expensive. We’re glad we traded up.

  2. David Hoefler

    This discussion is obviously for motorhomes and not gas vs. diesel trucks. Our neighbor up the street has a Ford V10 and is lucky to get 6 mpg. Whereas my 2004 Dodge Cummins 4x4 towing around 10,000 has gotten as much as 15 on the flat. The worst was 10 mpg on a miles long upgrade. And with a six speed New Venture manual we seldom slow for the grades and were able to add a Pacbrake for the downgrades. Just saying.

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