Dave Solberg

How to Mount a TV in an RV: Using a Fender Washer

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   1 mins

If you’re looking to discover the correct technique for learning how to mount a TV in an RV, Dave Solberg knows an insider tip that will add one step to the process but also make the mount much more secure and leave you feeling more carefree. In teaching how to mount a TV in an RV, he likes to add a Fender Washer to the component in order to reduce vibrations and prevent rattling while you’re driving and the unit is tucked back into its compartment.

The fender washer is just a small piece of metal that will limit the amount of wiggle room the head of the screw has. Instead of allowing the tightened screw to leave indentations in your RV’s wood framing and make space for vibrations, with a fender washer you can eliminate that happening. As with most appliances on an RV, the TV must be securely fastened in order to prevent pesky rattling while you drive or becoming dislodged in a sudden stop. While you’re installing the fender washer and learning how to mount a TV in an RV, go ahead and check that other joints and bolts on the TV’s swing arm are properly affixed.

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One Response to “How to Mount a TV in an RV: Using a Fender Washer”

  1. Dan

    There isn't nearly enough detail in this very short video to tell what to do with the fender washer let alone how it works to prevent wiggle. Pretty useless.

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