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RV Slide-Out Stuck: Motor Runs But Room Stays Put

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Duration:   1  mins

RV appliances and upgrades malfunction all the time, but if you know the proper course of action when they do, you can avoid unwanted headaches while you’re out on the road. This is certainly true of a faulty RV slide out. Stuck gears, loose cables and improper connections can cause a slide-out to extend and retract slowly or not at all.

The solution to this problem is simple. All you have to do is inspect each of the unit’s components and determine what’s going wrong. To help you do so, RV expert Dave Solberg walks you through a quick demonstration for assessing and fixing a slide-out that doesn’t want to budge. With Dave’s guidance, your upgraded RV slide room will be operational in no time!

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One Response to “RV Slide-Out Stuck: Motor Runs But Room Stays Put”

  1. Jerry Culpepper

    I have a 2010 Fuzion Fifth Wheel toy hauler, two slides. They are hydraulic, one button. The button does not move the slides in or out. I can get them to move in or out by temporary means, jumping from positive post on the motor to the "in" or "out" post. Motor works fine. The rest of the electrical panel is powered up. The problem is that the switch in the control panel won't move the slides at all. Any idea what could be wrong? I am graying my black hair with frustration over this problem. I would greatly appreciate any ideas you may have. Thank you.

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