Tips for Inspecting Brakes on a Motorized Gas Chassis

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Duration:   3:20   mins

As you complete your annual RV inspection, be sure to include your vehicle’s front and rear brakes. On larger rigs with motorized gas chassis, braking systems consist of disc brakes, which erode over time and need to be inspected at least once a year at a service center with a capable lift. In this free video lesson RV repair expert Dave Solberg helps you take proper care of your braking system by teaching you how to check the wear on your RV’s front and rear brakes to ensure you can safely stop on the road.

Dave gives you a few essential tips for monitoring and maintaining your vehicle’s brakes, telling you what to look and listen for while you’re out on the road. Most importantly, you’ll want to check the hubs for disc dust (a sure sign of wear) and temperatures within the normal range. Additionally, the brakes on a typical 17,000-lb RV come equipped with a small indicator that releases a squealing sound when the metal inside your brake pad has been exposed. This is also a sure sign that you should take your vehicle to the nearest service center for inspection. Take good care of your RV’s brakes, and you should have no trouble stopping safely when taking your next adventure!

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