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Installing a Quiet Hitch on a Receiver Hitch

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Duration:   4  mins

It happens to every tow hitch over time. The constant stopping and starting causes the receiver hitch to elongate and rattle, causing incessant clanking any time you bring your rig to a halt. To quiet the noise, you could turn up the radio and hope no one else notices, or you could do something that actually eliminates that annoying clank.

In this lesson, Dave Solberg teaches you how to install a Quiet Hitch from Roadmaster. This simple component, which bolts onto most 2-part receiver hitches, is designed to work like a clamp for your RV hitch. You’ll learn how to navigate the two-step, one-man installation process using basic tools. The Quiet Hitch can be bolted on in a matter of minutes, and it keeps your hitch firmly in place, ensuring you never again have to hear what the receiver has to say. Peaceful travels!

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3 Responses to “Installing a Quiet Hitch on a Receiver Hitch”

  1. Tom Dumire

    I think you should put the clamp the opposite of how you showed. (turn it upside down) Then the hitch then would be resting on the bottom of the receiver and not help up with clamp :)

  2. Gary D

    Great idea! However, The Roadmaster video shows installing in just the opposite direction. Lock the hitch down instead of trying to hold the weight up. I also noticed that it looks like there could be serious rust damage to the hitch part under the truck, so I would suggest a careful inspection and perhaps replacing the entire setup. I do like the tie down suggestion though and believe it will be helpful in several ways, thank you.


    Only good if you do not have to change hitches. Otherwise you have to put in on and take if off each time you change your hitch type. To me its useless

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