Special License to Drive an RV?

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Do you need a special license to drive an RV throughout this beautiful land of ours? We get this question a lot. The answer, generally, is no. However, certain states have different regulations for driving an RV, so it’s essential that you understand what you need before you hit the road.

In this free lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg explains where you can get away with a standard driver’s license and where you might need additional credentials. He talks about the important of checking with your state’s DMV and keeping a copy of their regulations so that you have evidence if you run into any issue along the way through other states. Know before you go, and all will be well!

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8 Responses to “Special License to Drive an RV?”
  1. Dennis

    If you are driving a vehicle which weighs over 26,001 pounds and or towing a vehicle up to 10,000 pounds you have to have a Class B license in all 50 states.

  2. Dennis

    A class B license is worth getting as you will learn a lot by studying the materials and practice the driving skills…

  3. Carl Junker
    Carl Junker

    Calif. requires any operator of a 5th wheel over 10,000 to 15,000 GVW must have an endorsement to their Class C license. Any 5th wheel over 15,000 GVW operator must have a Class A Non-Commercial or Class A CDL license. Both require additional testing and driver’s skill test behind the wheel. I just went through this last year. CHPs are starting to crack down on these vehicles to see if operator has the correct license. Also consider what would happen if you were in an accident, would your insurance cover you if you had the wrong license?

  4. Anthony M Peters
    Anthony M Peters

    New York State requires a RV endorsement if the RV is over 26,000 lbs. There isn’t a written Test, but there is a Driving Test.

  5. Randy

    Simple look on the back of your license it will state weight limits you can drive and tow. If your over that you need the next license. In all states.

  6. John

    I was under the impression that some states(Ca) require a class A recreational license for a certain lenght trailer or 5th wheel.