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Magisterial Grand Canyon National Park

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Duration:   27  mins

There’s nothing quite as magnificent to behold in all the world as the Grand Canyon. Carved into existence over the course of eons, shaped by water and wind, ever adapting to the sensibilities of Mother Nature, Grand Canyon National Park is a natural wonder in the truest sense of the word. Only in person can you fully experience its scale, only by standing at cliff’s edge can you begin to appreciate its majesty. This is Earth, shifting and shrinking and expanding all at once, before your very eyes. This is the Grand Canyon, and it’s calling to you.

The product of a powerful river

Through the heart of this miraculous park flows the source of its creation. For many, many millennia, the mighty Colorado River has formed and sculpted the peaks, valleys, walls and caves that make up Grand Canyon National Park. In some parts serene and cordial, in others violent and unforgiving, the Colorado is the lifeblood of this massive, sprawling stretch of land that covers nearly 2,000 square miles of northwest Arizona.

Come along as we explore what made the first ancestors of the Hopi people deem the Grand Canyon holy ground and show you some of the diverse wildlife, ecosystems and photo opportunities that were made possible with the culmination of the last Ice Age and the arrival of the first glacial drippings from the Rocky Mountains. You’ll learn about the vistas and the ruins, the hikes and the river journeys, and the many other glimpses of wonder that await around every corner at Grand Canyon National Park.

Venturing out

Whatever route you choose to take, we can guarantee you’ll experience something new at the Grand Canyon. Whether you’ve made time for a two-week rafting adventure or you can spare a few hours for a ride along the Grand Canyon Railway, there’s nothing quite like a trip into the canyons. Descend by foot or muleback on the Bright Angel Trail, or stop off at one of the park’s countless viewing points to look out over the range and for a moment grasp the immensity of our universe. Come in spring or fall, summer or winter; the time of year is your choosing, just be sure to visit Grand Canyon National Park, and discover one of the true wonders of the world!

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