Quick Propane Level Gauge with Truma Level Check

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Duration:   1:14   mins

If you’re hitting the road soon, and you plan on using propane for various appliances during your trip, it’s important to check the level of your ASME tank to ensure you have enough LP to last the whole way. Some ASME systems come equipped with an exterior propane level gauge that simplifies this process, but most do not, which means you have to remove the tank and weigh it to check how much propane you have left.

Thankfully, Truma has created an intuitive ultrasound product that allows you to easily and accurately perform a propane level gauge prior to taking off in your RV. The Truma Level Check makes the process a snap–in just seconds, you’ll get an exact reading of the amount of LP you have left. In this lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg walks you through a quick demonstration for using the Level Check to measure the level on any ASME tank. Just push the button, and you’ve got an instant readout!

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