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Proper RV Campground Etiquette: Being Good to Your Neighbors

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Exercising proper etiquette at an RV campground means treating your space and the space of those around you with equal effort and decency. Anyone who’s traveled the country in an RV for a few years know how frustrating it can be to set up next to a camper who doesn’t understand campground etiquette. Sites overflowing with trash, excessive noise, and unruly dogs can make for an unpleasant stay.

With that image in mind, full-time RVer Lauren Grijalva teaches you some of her favorite advice for good campground etiquette so you ensure that you remain in the good graces of your neighbors and campground staff. Here are Lauren’s top ten tips:

  • 1) Keep your campsite tidy, making sure to throw away all trash and cleaning up after parties and get-togethers.
  • 2) Avoid walking through other campsites. Think of each site like a temporary home with a yard and surrounding sidewalks.
  • 3) Look up each campground’s quiet hours and respect them. Shut the party down or lower the volume when the time approaches.
  • 4) Drive slowly through the grounds. Observe all posted speed limits; you never know who or what’s around the bend.
  • 5) Keep dogs on leashes whenever walking through the grounds, pick up after them, and be sure to put the barkers inside!
  • 6) Always check out on time. Another RVers is expecting to have their reserved space available when they arrive; don’t make them wait!
  • 7) Try not to disturb your neighbors by knocking if their door is closed and the shades are drawn. Wait until they’re out and about!
  • 8) Don’t talk to someone when hooking/unhooking. Strike up conversation once they’ve gotten settled, not while they’re figuring out the parking situation.
  • 9) Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it. You don’t like showing up to a dirty site, and neither does whoever arrives after you!
  • 10) Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Be approachable, say hello, grow your community!

These are just some of the great ways to make America’s amazing campgrounds even better places to spend the night. If you have other suggestions for campground etiquette, feel free to fill us in!

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One Response to “Proper RV Campground Etiquette: Being Good to Your Neighbors”

  1. Steven L Potts

    As a child in the late 60 and 70. My parents belong to N.C.H.A ( National Campers and Hikers Association). I was reading the etiquette of camping. I was always told to make sure that the campsite was always cleaner the when you got their. This went further as I got older to make the area cleaner and pick up anything in your path you were travelling. You could say hi to the new comers to the camping grounds but later came back after they were set up and carry on conversation. But many time the people need help to set up and they would ask you to help them out. Many time my father would give them help and direction to their questions. My parents were Field Directors which was one of the best time meeting other campers and local residents of the area. Many times the residents would come to the fair grounds and join us for the camp fires that we had nightly. The teenagers were all back at their campsites at dark with no complaints. They were the best time ever I wish that I could turn the time back. Happy Camping to all and keep your memory going on. Steve

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