Repairing Front Bunkhouse Flooring

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In this video lesson RV maintenance experts Dave Solberg and Steve Albright teach you how to diagnose and repair water damage in your RV’s front bunkhouse. As with any other part of your RV that contains door components and seals, the unfolding bunk is susceptible to water collection, rot, and mold. Dave and Steve open up the front bunk on a demo Jayco to demonstrate what happens when water damage strikes.

On this model, you can already tell from the outside that there is significant water lodged in the bunk’s inner layers. Our experts pop the latches to reveal what’s happened on the inside, cutting back the top coats and digging into the damp wooden underbelly. After they’re uncovered the extent of the damage, Dave and Steve talk about some of the ways they might fix the problem, discussing the pros and cons of each solution. While they do so, they also recommend methods to ensure this kind of damage doesn’t hit your bunkhouse in the first place!

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