Revolutionize Your TV with the Winegard RAYZAR Z-1 Antenna

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For years, the traditional batwing antenna has been the go-to choice for RVers who like to enjoy a little TV at the campground. This model enjoyed a great run of success, for it’s time for a newer, more reliable alternative. Enter the RAYZAR Z-1 from Winegard. This permanently mounted antenna stands at just 8.4-inches and completely changes the way you broadcast live TV to your RV. With the Z-1, the days of getting up on the roof to fold and unfold your antenna each time you dock are long past.

Installing the Z-1 is a fairly user-friendly process, but to make sure you get everything right the first time around, expert Dave Solberg walks you through a step-by-step demonstration for affixing the antenna to your roof and wiring it through to your TV. He shows you how to utilize your previous antenna’s base, and explains why it’s important to apply the proper sealant for your specific kind of roof. You should be able to complete most aspects of the installation on your own, but may need an extra set of hands for one or two steps. Thanks to the Z-1, you can enjoy clear picture anywhere you go!

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