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RV Entertainment Center Overview

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When traveling, sometimes what you want to watch on television is not what the kids, your husband or wife or other travel companions want to watch. Because of this, your RV entertainment center offers you the ability to control what signals are fed into the two different parts of the RV – the front and the back. Using the RV entertainment center controls at the front of the unit, you will be able to control whether or not a television is receiving signals from the antenna, an auxiliary feed or the VCR/DVD player.

With an RV entertainment center control box your unit can receive a signal through an antenna feed that can be routed to either the front or the back television in the RV. You can also choose to connect to an auxiliary source which can be used to connect to campground feeds or to a satellite dish.

Though not very popular, the RV entertainment center will have a switch to send the signal from a VCR to the televisions. When sending the signal to the front television you will have the option to record something from the antenna or auxiliary connection. In most models, only the front television source will allow the record feature with a DVD player to be used.

Depending upon your RV entertainment center control panel model, you can opt to replace the VCR with a DVD player. However, there will not be an option to record from an outside source when connecting with a DVD player.

The RV entertainment center makes it very convenient and possible to watch two different feeds on different televisions. It is a great way to give the kids their space in the back of the RV where they can watch their favorite cartoons, while the parents relax in the dining or living room area of the unit.

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