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RV Fire Extinguisher Helpful Quick Tip

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Department of Transportation codes determine what fire extinguishers are required to be included in all RV units. The RV fire extinguisher that comes standard with your unit will most likely be a 10BC extinguisher. This type of extinguisher is designed to handle electrical, motor fuel and car fires, however, it is not designed for and will not properly extinguish an ash fire on the outside of your RV.

It’s suggested that all owners purchase a few additional RV fire extinguishers to ensure the proper one is available for any type of fire encountered while RVing. The best fire extinguishers to purchase for RVs include those that are designated 10ABC. This type will also handle ash fires, as well as electrical, motor fuel and car fires. Ash fires can be common around campfires and when boon docking.

Purchasing a few extra RV fire extinguishers is a very inexpensive way to ensure you have the proper tools to put out a fire. Make sure your extinguishers are adequate enough to handle the space in and around the RV. A fire extinguisher should be kept in every major part of the RV, including the bedroom, living and kitchen areas.

A simple maintenance step will help ensure the RV fire extinguisher does not go bad and will work when needed. All you need to do is turn the extinguisher upside-down and smack the bottom of it. This will dislodge any powder on the inside, loosening it up so it works properly. This should be done at least once a year; regardless of if the gauge says the unit is full.

Having the correct RV fire extinguishers and keeping them properly maintained will help ensure you have a safe RV experience.

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