Dave Solberg

RV Propane Usage: How Long Does Propane Last?

Dave Solberg
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We’ve had a number of Repair Club members ask the best way to tell how long RV propane tanks will last. The short answer is, it depends. The mileage you’ll get out of your LP system on a single fill varies based on two factors: the quantity of propane on your rig and your specific RV propane usage, i.e. the number of components you operate that utilize propane and the frequency of their operation.

For example, if your RV is outfitted with two large tanks and you expend minimal propane per day, you can expect to have gas for quite a while. However, if you only have a small tank and you’re consistently running the fridge, water heater and stovetop, you’ll likely run low in no time. In this lesson, Dave Solberg goes into greater depth on the subject of RV propane usage to give you a sense of how long you can expect your propane to last.

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5 Responses to “RV Propane Usage: How Long Does Propane Last?”

  1. Franes

    My propane will NOT receive the piopabe gas with in filling. How do I fix this?

  2. Diana Saldivar

    How do I connect a small tank to my motor home with a 3 port adapter?

  3. Carolyn Abbott

    Helping a friend with a 1973 Dodge Class B. She needs to buy a propane tank in order to heat the RV and cook, possibly run the refrigerator. The hook up for propane is outside and there is no place to install the tank to the RV. She will have access to electricity for the Refrigerator, so the main use will be cooking and heat. What size tank would you suggest (30 lb or 40 lb)? How can I estimate how long the propane will last her? How can she minimize usage to get the longest time? Thank you.

  4. Richard

    I have a 29 pound propane tank. Went on a 22 day trip California to Oklahoma and back. Still had propane left. About 1/4 of a tank.. Used propane for refrigerator and water heater only. Four adults and two children. We used water heater for showers and cleaning dishes then it was turned off. Propane was used for the 9 days on the road, 7 hours a day then switched to electric. Class A Rexhall Roseair 36'. We have electric fireplace at night to warm up the coach. So, if a person is really careful they could go quite awhile with just a little. Jackets and warm blankets saves a lot of propane..

  5. Paul Olson

    Well, that could be summed up with; if you use a lot of propane your tanks won't last as long. There are a few simple calculations that can be made to determine propane usage. Maybe going into a little more detail would be helpful?

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