Dave Solberg

RV Refrigerator Repair: How to Locate the Serial Number

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   1 mins

Most RV owners know the importance of a working refrigerator in their RV. The refrigerator can help provide a comfortable living situation in your RV and store all of your food and beverages at the desired temperature. This is why it is so vital to make sure your refrigerator is running correctly and understand when you may need RV refrigerator repair work.

If you own or use an RV for travelling, it is important know the brand and the serial number of your specific RV refrigerator in case you should need an RV refrigerator repair at any given time. There is a list of issues that can arise when using an RV refrigerator (over-cooling, failing to cool, freezing, etc.) and it is always good to be prepared.

In this informational RV video, learn how to locate the serial number in your RV’s refrigerator – many times it may be in multiple locations inside of the unit. Whether you have an older or a newer refrigerator model will determine where the serial number is located. Learn how to find this information and more in this informational RV video clip, and be ready when you need your next RV refrigerator repair work done.

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