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RVRC LIVE! January 2020

RV Livestyle & Repair Editors
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Duration:   1  hrs

Did you miss this month’s RVRC LIVE? Dave Solberg, managing editor of RV Repair Club, answers questions submitted by viewers in this LIVE Q&A.

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7 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! January 2020”

  1. Teri

    We have the black streaks that we are unable to removed. It’s been washed as well as waxed. I know the black comes from the roof of my motor home but once it’s there it’s there. What can I use that will remove the black streaks as well as not having to worry about the finish of the unit.

  2. James

    1980 coachmen canalina Atwood ? Converter/ charger. One of my ac. Beaker is loose. 2 have gray water lines in my RV not quest. Cpvc pipe I believe. What is it life span?

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    Hi Dave, I bought a 1996 Fourwinds Class C 29ft motor home…with water damage. I have had to repair some walls, and reseal the roof. Most of the damage was due to the front bunk window leaking, and no one fixed anything. I have stripped the inside all the way down to fiberglass, replace the insulation and removed the front widow then fiber glassed it. I have watched more videos here and look forward to more. I just want to thank you, they have saved me time and money.

  4. Rodney Metz

    On my 2003 Winnebago motorhome I have a Videoman rear-view camera. When it rains out I lose the audio probably from the wetness. Any easy fix for this?

    • Customer Service

      Hello. There are a few different things I have used in the past depending on where the mic is on the camera. Usually it is just a small hole near the bottom and something I have gotten to work on a few before is just using a clear silicone sealant and making an eyebrow over the mic and bringing the edges of the brow down around the sides. Don’t make a complete circle as this would trap the water. Just covering the top and partially the sides will help falling water move away from the opening. If the mic is a larger area or in a slotted opening this doesn’t always work. When it comes to this I like to build an overhang around the camera. I just use thin aluminum sheet metal, it can bend very easily. I make it large enough to cover the top of the camera and overhang each side about an inch or so. I then bend the edges straight down. You don’t want the edges to be too large or you can see them in the camera. I lower it down just above the camera and attach it to the wall. Can be with screws or an adhesive, I prefer to not drill unless I have to. If you get a good silicone adhesive caulking it can work well enough to keep the over hang in place without having to drill since the aluminum is so light. I’m sure there are other tricks out there but these are the options I would try as they have worked for me in the past.
      Dan-RV Repair Club

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