Still Watching an Old Set? Replace Your Old RV TV

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For years, RV manufacturers built boxes above the front of the cabin to house television sets. Most sets were thicker from front to back than they were from side to side, so they had to sit flush in a dedicated box, aimed straight toward the back of the rig. If you wanted to sit at an angle, your viewing was compromised. Today’s flat screen TVs can be mounted on a swivel, so you can see them at any angle. Once you find out how to mount a TV in an RV, you’ll wonder why you put up with your old television for so long.

Your television may not even be HD ready, causing you to have to deal with an array of specialized converter boxes and antennas. Compared to the complex setup needed for older televisions, learning how to mount a TV in an RV will seem like a simple task.

In this video, you’ll learn how to mount a TV in an RV, from start to finish. You’ll see how to take care of any attached cables from the back of the television unit, as well as how to loosen the set itself from its built-in cubby hole. This video talks about the numerous options you’ll have with the empty space provided once the television is out of the box. You’ll learn about adjustable swivel arms that can be attached to the back of a television, affording you a wider range of viewing. Finally, you’ll learn how to mount a TV in an RV overhang so that it’s secure when you’re driving, but flexible once you’ve parked and you’re ready to relax and watch a movie.

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