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The Florida Everglades: A Labyrinth of Sea and Swamp

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Like many other of America’s spectacular national parks, the Florida Everglades are known around the world for their breathtaking landscapes and undisturbed wildlife. This sprawling biosphere reserve located not far from the metropolises of Tampa and Miami stands in stark contrast to the noise and entertainment on display in the sunshine state.

In the shallow waters and soft mud of the almost motionless, 50-mile wide river that forms the Florida Everglades, you’re liable to encounter untold species of the natural world, from turtles and flamingo to hefty manatee and the largest mangrove system in the Western Hemisphere. Here, at the very bottom of the United States, at this remarkable world of water, life remains untamed, and yet perfectly preserved.

Navigating the labyrinth of the Florida Everglades

Spanning more than 1 million acres of the southernmost region of the state, the Florida Everglades are one of the world’s greatest and most immense sanctuaries for wildlife and humans alike. This virtually unending maze of waterway, forest, swamp and hammock is home to remarkable scenery and expedition. Whether it be birdwatching along Anhinga Trail or gawking at crocs and gators via Bobcat Boardwalk Trail, there’s no shortage of excellent ways to catch a glimpse of nature unspoiled.

For visitors of the Florida Everglades, there is a wide range of outdoor activities and methods for getting around the park. Those who wish to get up close and personal with both the predators and prey in the food chain of the Florida Everglades can traverse the swampy shallows via boat tour, or they can venture out on their own by kayak or canoe. Otherwise, if you’d like to stay on dry land, Shark Valley Tram Road offers up a network of paths for bikers and walkers to witness the wonders of the Florida Everglades.

Historians and enthusiasts aren’t exaggerating when they say there’s nothing in the world quite like the Florida Everglades. To truly experience the intermingling of sea and river as it has existed for centuries, you have to make your way to Florida Everglades National Park.

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