Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Preservation and Inspiration

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It seems appropriate that one of this nation’s most remarkable and serene landscapes should be named after the president who spent the most time and effort to ensure the United States’ natural beacons remained preserved for all to enjoy. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, our only national park with a person as its namesake, is a testament to the sheer reverence T.R. showed for the plains, peaks and canyons of North Dakota’s Badlands.

This pristine wilderness is once where the future president went to escape his troubles and discover his life’s passion. Today, Theodore Roosevelt National Park serves a similar purpose for thousands of visitors each year, who come in search of beauty, serenity, and perfectly preserved natural ecosystems. They visit for the historical leap in time, the summer thunderstorms along the horizon, the cross-country horseback adventures and the peaceful hikes alongside Little Missouri River. Join us as we take a backstage look at this spectacular stretch of the Badlands, which is only a day’s drive away!

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