Tips on How to Clean an RV Awning

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Duration: 3:38

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There are a few different ways to clean an RV awning, ensuring it remains mold and damage free. Knowing how to clean an RV awning is just the beginning to proper maintenance of this part of your RV. By keeping it clean you will extend the life of the awning, ensure you have continued protection from the sun when relaxing on your trip.

Everyone has their own idea on how to clean an RV awning. You just have to find what works best for you. For simple quick cleaning of the awning, many say the best way on how to clean an RV awning is to wrap a towel around a soft bristle broom and run it along the underneath of the awning. You can soak the towel in a simple solution made using an RV cleaning solution. The solution can be diluted or poured directly on the cloth. Make sure to wear goggles when working over your head and cleaning the awning.

If there is extensive staining, it may be necessary to learn alternative methods on how to clean an RV awning. You can soak a rag in a cleaning solution and climb up a ladder and use some elbow grease to get the awning clean.

When mixing the cleaning solution look at the cleaner’s instructions to learn how to dilute it and how to use it straight out of the bottle.
The best way to not have to learn how to clean an RV awning when it comes to deep stains is to not put the unit away wet. Run a dry cloth over it before closing it. This will prevent any mold from growing while the awning is closed.

Knowing how to clean an RV awning will keep your awning looking fresh and new. Thus ensuring it has a long life.