Troubleshooting an Accu-Slide with a Dead Motor

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Duration: 4:07

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Thanks to the Accu-Slide cable slide room, RVers can add much needed space to the limited living quarters in their rig’s bedroom, without overly expensive setups or complicated technology. All it takes to push the Accu-slide room out or pull it back in is a simple motor and pulley system that’s built right into the wardrobe.

However, users who opt for the Accu-slide may run into a minor issue when out on the road in the form of a malfunctioning motor. To ensure you get the slide room where it needs to be, Dave Solberg walks you through a step-by-step troubleshoot of an Accu-slide cable slide room.

Our expert first shows you how to use a voltage meter or test light to verify that the house battery (on which the Accu-slide’s motor operates) is drawing power. He then teaches you the proper way to check the fuse and remove the motor’s switch from the wall to guarantee the component is fully functional. After determining that the motor is a goner, Dave demonstrates how to override the motor using a provided flex shaft and manually retract or reel in the slide room. With Dave’s advice, you’ll have no trouble finding a solution to that dead motor!