Tune in From Anywhere with the Winegard Air 360+

Duration: 6:10

Gone are the days of cranking up your batwing antenna to receive a spotty television signal in your RV. Thanks to manufacturers like Winegard and products such as the Winegard Air 360+, you have access to reliable, crystal-clear television no matter where you travel.

In this free video lesson, Dave Solberg talks about the benefits and user perks of the Winegard Air 360+. He also explains some of the finer points to installing your device, and walks you through proper use procedures.

How to install and use the Winegard Air 360+

Requiring practically no effort after installation, the Winegard Air 360+ utilizes a 360-degree antenna to provide you with television and WiFi across the country, whether you’re set up just outside of a big city or boondocking way out in the wild. The system harnesses WiFi extending capabilities with the help of three 4G cards that are mounted inside the unit, and by attaching it to a supplemental gateway that attaches to your ceiling.

The Air 360+ is an excellent and affordable option for all of your internet and television needs. With this top-notch device, you can hit the road and never worry about missing a thing!

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3 Responses to “Tune in From Anywhere with the Winegard Air 360+”

    You mention gateway boxes that interface with Verizon and ATT networks. I have a T-Mobile account. Based upon your video, should I assume that I cannot get an enhanced wifi signal with T-Mobile?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello James,
      Here’s what the experts had to say about your question:

      According to their website it is only for Verizon and ATT right now. Not sure why they can’t allow other carries but this is what is listed on their website.

      RV Repair Club Technical Expert


    The problem with any of the Winegard Products is your COAX Cable Length.
    We have the Winegard 360 in our RV and because of the way it was installed, the length of the COAX wire to the various TVs in the RV’s will limit your reception.
    For instance, I get more channels on our BEDROOM TV and much less on our Living Room TV.
    I have spoken with Winegard about this problem and they DO NOT have any kind of BOOSTER to improve the signal in the COAX to the Front Living Room TV.
    So, this product is not GREAT! But, very mediocre at best.