Update Old RV Water Lines Using Pex Tubing

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Most manufacturers have started using plastic half-inch tubing with flared ends when installing RV water lines into newer model units. This tubing is much better than the old gray 3/8-inch tubing, which had low water pressure inside the unit. The new Pex tubing used for RV water lines is of residential grade and designed to last longer.

With new Pex tubing installed for your RV water lines you will notice that there are less banging noises from pipes moving when the water system is turned on and opened up. Plus, these new plastic pipes can expand up to one and one-half times its original size, meaning there is less chance the RV water lines will bust, crack or leak when frozen.

Pex tubes come in different colors – red and blue – making it possible to color code different RV water lines. The blue tubes are used for cold water systems and the red is used for hot water systems. Because the Pex tubing is easily installed, you should be able to add additional features to your RV, including extra faucets, a refrigerator with an ice maker, exterior shower and/or a winterizing kit.

When RV water lines need replacing, this type of tubing can be used to connect water lines with elbows or crimp connectors. Because it is so easy to replace these water lines, it is recommended to have extra tubing with when traveling. That way, should the line get cracked or damaged you are prepared to replace the damaged section.

Pex tubing is lightweight, but durable to withstand the pressurized water coming into the RV unit. If you have an older RV with the old water line system, you can easily replace the water lines using Pex tubing. This will give you better water flow and leave you plenty of opportunities to expand your current water system.

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