Uncovering the Unknown in Canyonlands

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Canyonlands National Park, home of the canyon, the mesa and the cowboy. One of the United States’ iconic national parks, Canyonlands is built for and maintained by the adventurer who seeks to blaze their own trail, whose idea of getting away is getting lost in nature. If wonder and challenge are your goals, you need look no further than Canyonlands National Park.

Take a Trek Through Canyonlands National Park

Situated in the isolated region of southeastern Utah at the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers, around each corner of Canyonlands National Park hides a miracle of nature, offering bikers, hikers and campers limitless wilderness to explore.

Tapping into your adventurous side at this national park is as simple as looking toward the horizon, where you’ll discover some of the world’s most astonishing natural formations. Perhaps the park’s foremost landmark is the Island in the Sky, a towering mesa that shoots out of the sandstone cliffs 1,000 feet into the clouds and stretches for 43 miles like a coffee table for the gods.

Also available to the boldest of explorers, the Maze at Canyonlands National Park boasts many miles of twisting canyons and an unmapped network of tunnels. Getting lost in the Maze is expected and largely encouraged, if you know what you’re doing. Roads and pathways to this part of the park are sparse and ill-manicured, making the Maze a true delight for veteran outdoorsmen.

Discover the Story of Utah’s Original People

For those looking to stay close to civilization, the Needles offer visitors a unique chance to learn about the history Utah’s native peoples. In the Needles, you’ll walk amongst the ruins of Native tribes long gone and discover remnants of the nation’s first gold rush. Plus, only a short hike away is Horseshoe Canyon, where guests can witness the rock-climbing prowess of native Bighorn sheep and marvel at this national park’s famous collection of unaltered prehistoric hieroglyphics.

Preparing to Visit Canyonlands

You can start planning your travel to Canyonlands National Park by heading over to the park’s website, where you’ll learn about guided tours, camping arrangements and instructions for traveling by motorcycle or RV. Also find out how to obtain necessary permits to raft the rapids of the Colorado River and check conditions of the park ahead of your trip.