Channel Islands National Park: Pure and Wild California

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Duration: 5:13

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There’s something remarkable about visiting an island that’s remained preserved for centuries in all its exotic splendor. Strenuous hikes along primitive trails that lead through forests of nearly 1,000 species of flowering plants, some of which can be found nowhere else in the world; seals and seal lions bickering in the sun as they tan their coats; dolphins dancing close to shore. Sound entrancing? Channel Islands National Park awaits your arrival.

Exploring Channel Islands National Park

In this virtual tour of Channel Islands National Park, we take you behind the scenes of “America’s Galapagos.” Just offshore from Santa Barbara, this awe-inspiring national park spans five of California’s Channel Islands, reached only by water or by air. Visitors to the park typically arrive via boat at Scorpion Ranch with only the things they can carry for camping, hiking and kayaking.

Once they set foot on Santa Cruz Island, they find themselves in utter isolation, a short hop from the cities of the golden coast but mentally many miles removed from civilization. While on the islands, you can feel free to venture in any direction you choose, whether it be on foot to Anacapa Island Lighthouse or Inspiration Point (on a clear day), or in a watercraft to explore some of the world’s largest and deepest sea caves. Whatever kind of wild you search for, you can find it at Channel Islands National Park!