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Discover Hidden Treasures at Biscayne National Park

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Certain fantasies will only exist in our minds, forever unrealized and only dreamed about. Others come to life before our eyes—magnificent, inspiring, almost unbelievable. Such are the islands of Biscayne National Park, where “Paradise on Earth” is more understatement than exaggeration. This small chain of islands anchored in the Florida Keys sits just a short hop from the bustling and vibrant hub of Miami, and it offers up its own grand display of beauty, life, and adventure.

History and mystery in Biscayne

Of the roughly 200 square miles that make up Biscayne National Park, nearly all of them are covered by water, making this one of the largest marine parks in the United States. Among the crystal and aqua bays and coves spiders an intricate network of mangroves, which give sanctuary to a vast array of coastal birds and sea life.

Stemming from these trees is one of the world’s most miraculous and pure coral reefs, an underwater civilization where visitors can discover bountiful opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling. If you’re more interested in keeping your feet dry, you can also opt for an excursion on a glass bottom boat or maybe Biscayne National Park’s most popular activity: canoeing. Go alone, go with friends, go for the first time—the choice is yours, but just go!

Once you’ve uncovered your inner tranquility on the calm waters of Biscayne, you can meet up at Dante Fascell Visitor Center to board a boat and take a guided tour of the sunken ships left behind in the once pirate-infested waters that hug the islands of Biscayne National Park. At Biscayne, you can search for gold and imagine yourself locked in a furious battle with Blackbeard and his cohorts, or you can unearth treasures of a very different sort by paddling your way to a beautiful sunset in paradise. It’s your journey, you pick the route!

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