Raising and Lowering RV Jacks with Ease

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Duration: 1:49

In this free video lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to properly extend and retract stabilizing RV jacks so you know your vehicle is secure at the campground. This quick tip is time saving, and it will also ensure that your jacks remain in good condition.

Whereas the classic crank-style jack might take you a minute or two to get your RV jacks fully extended or retracted, using an electric driver will do the job in a few seconds. All you have to do is attach a socket adapter onto the end of your electric driver.

The benefit of using a driver with variable speed rather than an impact driver is that you can slow down as you get closer to the top or bottom. Slowly turning at the end of jacking avoids bending the jack due to excessive torque. Dave demonstrates the proper way to use the driver, and if you do the same with your jacks, you’ll never again need to use that tedious crank!

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