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Explore Rugged Grand Teton National Park

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Out there in the remote vastness of the American countryside, not far from the hustle and bustle and stress of daily life, there lies peace. Clear of all the paperwork and project deadlines, absent of the noise and distractions, there is a land where rock bursts from the ground to loom large over civilization, where true tranquility exists and exploration abounds. That place is only a road trip away. That place is Grand Teton National Park.

There are certain parts of the world that will always be wild. Regardless of the changes, both natural and unnatural, that may come, these corners of Earth will forever remain sanctuaries, harvested, preserved and appreciated by all walks. The Teton mountain range is one of those great sanctuaries, where every new day brings unseen snapshots of life and unique, undescribable experiences.

Witness life unencumbered among the imposing tetons

Located in the rugged northwest of Wyoming, due south of sister Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park offers up breathtaking vistas and untamable landscapes for both the casual day-tripper and the fearless adventurer. Known to the first mormon settlers as the mountains without foothills, the nearly 40-mile-long Teton range has fostered all sorts of wildlife and peoples for centuries.

Visitors to Grand Teton National Park can observe evidence of this region’s evolution by exploring wonderfully preserved settlements or thriving Jackson Hole. They’re encouraged to attend service at the remarkable Chapel of Transfiguration, or try their hand at herding cattle on a working dude ranch. Travelers come from around the world to venture out into the wild at various times throughout the year by way of cross-country skiing, backpacking, or rafting down Snake River. For those passing through, there are a number of pristine spots for camping, picnics and dips in refreshing glacier lakes.

Each season brings a new array of possibilities at Grand Teton National Park, but no matter which path you choose, you can always look over your shoulder and find the breathtaking tetons keeping a watchful eye.

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