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Take a Walk Way Back in Time at Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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Duration:   4  mins

Would you believe that 250 million years ago, the dry, barren stretches of West Texas were covered with water? Deep seas, home to untold lifeforms, in the place we now know to be desert as far as the eye can see. If you can’t imagine it where you sit, we recommend revving up your RV and taking a journey down to Texas, where you can look out over the Chihuahuan Desert and imagine it in person. This is Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Salted rock and sky-High peaks in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

The evolution took eons, but what was once lush seabed built from vibrant reef is now arid desert. How, you ask? The overwhelming power of Mother Nature. Come along as we take a virtual tour of Guadalupe Mountains National Park, 100 square miles of rocky terrain just east of the New Mexico-Texas border.

Upon first glance, Guadalupe Mountains National Park may look like the empty remains of a dried up ocean, but if you walk a little closer, you’ll find this magnificent park teeming with life and history. To truly understand the wonder of a time-changed space like Guadalupe, you have to take a walk through the pinyon pines and fir and feel the rock underfoot as you uncover spectacular views of El Capitan and Guadalupe Peak (the highest peak in Texas).

Put yourself in the shoes of the Apaches, who fought to preserve their land and their homes from the Buffalo Soldiers and other arms of the American Army in the 19th century. And explore the ruins of one of Butterfield Overland Mail’s last standing station houses at the apex of the company’s stagecoach route.

With these relics and other attractions such as the multipurpose Frijole Ranch, you’ll find there’s majesty in the quietness of Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Go on, see for yourself!

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