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Heed the Call of the Wild at Wind Cave National Park

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If you listen closely, you can almost hear the whistle and feel the breeze. Walk in the direction of that faint noise and that gentle blow, cross wavelike prairie and untamed forest, walk until you can’t walk any farther, and you’ll have found it. Wind Cave, a natural wonder, one of the world’s oldest caves and the first to be endowed as a national park. She’s one of those unexplainable phenomena that baffles man and questions faith, and she rests in America’s backyard.

The miracle of Wind Cave National Park

In the southwestern corner of South Dakota, just down the road from Mount Rushmore, clear of the hustle and bustle of manmade everything, Wind Cave National Park unfolds like a wild blanket across the eastern shoulder of the Black Hills. Currents of tall grasses move in the wind, and somewhere at the heart of the prairie, an underground world beckons to be noticed. Miles upon miles of explored and unexplored caves stretch beneath this portion of the great state, where natives lived for centuries and thanked the gods for their bounty.

And to think: Wind Cave may never have been discovered by the white man, were it not for two hunters, the Bingham brothers, having their hats blown off by a strange wind emitted from a hole in the ground. In the years that followed, explorers came from around the country to uncover the mysteries that lie under the surface at Wind Cave National Park, including Alvin McDonald, the 16-year-old adventurer who first plunged into the depths of Wind Cave.

Nowadays, more than one million visitors make their way to Wind Cave National Park to venture into the darkness of Wind Cave to witness the almost magical formations and hidden secrets that await miles below the surface of the earth. Take your trip to Wind Cave National Park today, and see what the breeze has to say!

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