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The Remote Water Wonderland of Isle Royale National Park

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Duration:   5  mins

There’s nothing quite like a remote escape to a secluded and majestic landscape, where modern means are left at the doorstep and footpath is the only medium for travel. Such is the case for most of the islands of the Great Lakes, and especially for Lake Superior and its largest island, Isle Royale, It’s here where you’ll find Isle Royale National Park, and it’s here where you will find the escape for which you’ve been searching. Come along as we take a peek behind the curtains of this magical Midwest getaway.

Exploring in Isle Royale National Park

Take a floatplane or boat into the welcoming arms of Isle Royale, in the northwest corner of Lake Superior, and arrive to the sights, sounds and smells of unadulterated wilderness. Forget the roads, ditch the technological wares, and immerse yourself in the fabled home of wolf, moose and great North American forest.

When you visit Isle Royale, you can backpack from end to end via Greenstone Ridge Trail, or paddle the shoreline in kayak or canoe. You’d be remiss to miss any of the island’s copious critter watching opportunities or to scour Superior’s depths in search of the wreckage sites of regally named ships such as The American. For those who’ve never stepped onto the shores of Isle Royale National Park, we urge you to take your first opportunity. This is one special island for adventurers and admirers of Lake Superior’s awesome fury!

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