Maintaining RV Decals: Tips for Proper Care

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Duration: 3:11

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Sun, wind and precipitation can wreak havoc on RV decals, especially if they’re not treated to combat the elements. If properly maintained, the decals on your vehicle’s sidewalls should last for at least 10 years, depending on the type of graphic. In this quick video tutorial, RV maintenance and repair expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to take care of your RV decals so they can enjoy the longest possible lifespan, and look spick and span for all that time!

How to extend the life of your RV decals

First things first, Dave discusses a few tips for keeping the elements from affecting your graphics more than they ought to. These include parking in shade whenever available to avoid direct sunlight and precipitation damage. Also, when you put your RV away for the offseason, be sure to cover it in whichever way you see fit (tarp, garage, etc.)

Next you’ll want to research what kind of decals you have on your vehicle. Most graphics are either calendar or cast, but yours might utilize a different type. Based on this fact, you can decide what you’d like to use to treat your RV decals. As always, Dave recommends the UV protection and conditioning products from ProtectAll, which he believes are superior to most others on the market. Prior to treating, wash with light detergent (Dawn is a great option).

And never, never, never, no matter what you’ve been told, apply wax to your decals. This prevents them from breathing and leads to faster cracking and peeling. Don’t neglect your RV decals when you go through your maintenance checklist!