Optimizing Your RV Rooftop Air Conditioning

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Duration: 3:43

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We’ve found that most RVers expect more from their RV rooftop air conditioning units than their maximum capability. Generally, rooftop AC has the capacity to cool a unit to 20 degrees below outdoor temperature, so on the hottest of days you shouldn’t expect inside temperature to be as cozy as you’d like. However, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure your RV rooftop air conditioning runs optimally so your unit is as comfortable as possible. In this video, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to get the most out of your rooftop AC.

How to milk your RV rooftop air conditioning for all its worth

In the toughest summer conditions, RV interiors can really start to bake at the peak of the day. Thus, it can be vital to maximize the cooling potential of your unit. To do so, Dave recommends cleaning the filters on your AC unit, which serve to encourage better airflow. He also likes to shut doors to rooms that aren’t currently being used, as well as vents that don’t need to be open at the moment. There’s no sense in using valuable energy to cool the bedroom during the day when you’re spending time outside or in the living area.

You should also consider installing tinted, double-pane windows on your rig if it doesn’t already have them. Likewise, to better insulate your space, Dave shows you how to create as tight a seal as possible by pulling down the shades and covering all windows. It’s also recommended that you utilize fans to increase circulation and avoid pockets that waste precious cool air.

Next, Dave talks about the importance of limiting the amount of cooking you do, as ovens and microwaves push warm air into the living space and negate an AC unit’s hard work. Similarly, Dave explains the major benefits of parking in shade whenever possible and treating your roof with protectant; aluminum paneling is especially prone to the sun’s harsh rays.

Follow each of these suggestions, and we guarantee your living quarters will be much more comfortable, the summer will be easier, and your AC unit will thank you for lightening the load!

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