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Expert RV Wiring Tutorial: Wires, Connectors and Tools

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Duration:   15  mins

Do you feel as if you don’t know a thing about RV wiring? Well, we’ve got good news: most people don’t. Even better news: it’s simple to learn, and once you master the process, you can save a ton of time and money by wiring your RV’s lighting and appliances on your own.

The trick to safe and effective RV wiring is investing in the proper components. When you ensure you have the right wires, connectors and tools for the task at hand, you set yourself for a quick and stress-free project. So in this lesson, we teach you the basics of RV wiring, giving you a short rundown on the things to expect when you stop by your local hardware store to pick up the essentials.

RV wiring: what you’ll need and how to use it

The rules of RV wiring are few, but they are vital. For a 12-volt (DC) system to function optimally, you must create proper connections — a poor connection means an inefficient or even hazardous system. To help you complete your first RV wiring job safely and effectively, RV expert Dave Solberg and RVCA Master Technician Steve Albright walk you step by step through a sample RV wiring demonstration.

To begin, Steve talks about the various specs of a high quality wire, and explains the difference between a high gauge flexible wire and a low gauge rigid wire. He introduces a range of electrical situations for which you might choose one type of wire over another, and stresses the importance of picking the correct wires, tools and connectors for the job.

Once you know which components you’ll utilize during the process, it’s time to strip the wires and connect them. Steve demonstrates a sample connection using an inline fuse and finely braided wires. He also shows you how to strengthen a connection with an insulating shrink wrap tube, and then explains a few circumstances when you might use alternative terminals to connect your RV wiring. With Steve’s quick tips for expert wiring, you’ll have your lighting and appliances hooked up in the blink of an eye!

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