Keeping Your Cool: RV Refrigerator Vent Inspection

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Duration: 2:30

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RV refrigerators are basic, simple machines, but they need regular maintenance so that they’ll work efficiently. Some basic RV refrigerator maintenance will help your refrigerator stay cool even in hot weather. The way an RV refrigerator works is by heating a liquid in the back of the unit which “percolates” up through a series of tubes inside the freezer compartment and then the main refrigerator. As this heated solution makes its way back to the boiler, it draws heat from the unit and with the absence of heat, you have cold.

This is a fine, efficient system until something simple goes wrong. A common problem with this type of refrigerator is insufficient ventilation in the refrigerator compartment which traps ambient heat and makes it difficult for the process to work.

In this video, you’ll learn how to remove the cap from the refrigerator vent to find out if the vent cover is blocked. Insufficient cooling could be as simple as leaves blocking the flow of air from your RV refrigerator cavity to the outside air. You’ll learn what to look for and what tools to use in order to quickly and efficiently clean the screening over the vent, allowing the hot air to flow to the outside once more.

Any type of RV refrigerator troubleshooting on the roof of your RV holds an element of danger, and this video shows the precautions you should take before attempting work on your RV roof. Learn when to work on the roof and when to avoid it, and what types of weather conditions make this repair a more elaborate chore than when your RV is stored inside all winter long.