RV Driving Tips: Navigating Curves

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Duration: 2:47

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Due to limited field of vision, navigating curves in an RV can be a bit tricky. Most new drivers tend to start turning too early, which causes them to either veer into oncoming traffic on a left-hand curve or slip off the shoulder on a right-hand curve. This is understandable. The art of navigating curves in an RV can only be improved through practice. So in this quick lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you the basic RV driving tips you need to safely get through any curve, whether it be on flat land or hilly/mountainous terrain.

How to approach a curve in your RV

To show the correct technique for getting through a curve on flat, hilly and even the narrowest of roads, Dave takes his diesel pusher motorhome for a test spin along tight roads in the Iowa countryside. He demonstrates all of the RV driving tips you’ll need to approach the curve with confidence and stay centered in your lane from the start of the curve to the finish, explaining the proper way to utilize your mirrors and what you see through the windshield.

Other driving tips to ease your mind

Dave also talks about the importance of using downshift to your advantage when traveling along hilly terrain, particularly on tiny mountain passes where it doesn’t seem your RV has room to squeeze. The key is going down the hill in the same gear you used to go up. And remember to practice on easier curves that you’re familiar with prior to venturing out into terrain where you know there will be tricky turns.

Be sure to browse our full catalog of driving tips, which expands every week. With these and other handy RV driving tips, you should be a master of the curve in no time!