RV Refrigerator Replacement in a Few Easy Steps

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Over time use, vibrations and other causes of damage may make it necessary to do a complete RV refrigerator replacement. Though you could repair the damage, it could cost just as much as an RV refrigerator replacement.

Before installing a new refrigerator you need to measure the current one to verify if it will make it through the door or if you will need to remove a window of the RV to get the old refrigerator out.

Before removing the old refrigerator during an RV refrigerator replacement you will need to shut off the LP gas line and disconnect it from the back side. Also make sure the RV is not plugged into 120 volt power and disconnect all batteries. Some units will have steel plates securing the refrigerator in place, while others have a series of screws. Undo all of the screws and plates attaching the refrigerator to the RV.

The next step in your RV refrigerator replacement is to verify all electrical and gas lines are disconnected from the refrigerator. When disconnecting the electrical and gas lines it is a good idea to wear goggles just in case anything blows out of the lines.

An RV refrigerator replacement is typically more than a one man job. Together you will need to remove the framework around the edge of the refrigerator and wiggle the unit out. Take your time and ease it out to make sure everything is clear before removal.

When removing the refrigerator during an RV refrigerator replacement, it is best to lie some padding down to protect the floor. Once removed, you will be able to install your new refrigerator and enjoy your next road trip.

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