Driving RV Tips: Right-Hand Turn

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In this video lesson RV maintenance expert Dave Solberg teaches you tips for driving RV, including how to take a right-hand turn when towing a trailer. Because tow trailers tend to track a little differently than your truck or SUV, you should practice taking left- and right-hand turns prior to hitting the road for the real thing.

To demonstrate how it’s done properly, Dave heads to an empty parking lot where he’s laid out a simple driving RV course. The key to turning carefully with a tow trailer is knowing how it tracks in all situations. Dave shows you how to avoid curbs, road signs, hydrants and other objects by going a bit farther past the curb or starting farther to the left. Always keep in mind that longer trailers will cut corners more, so you’ll need greater space to turn if you’re pulling a 28-footer than a 10-foot camper. Get your practice, and you’ll have no trouble out there!

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