Dave Solberg

Troubleshooting a Faulty RV Propane Refrigerator

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   3  mins

Does your RV propane refrigerator turn on for a brief moment before shutting off again? The problem might be a frustrating and confusing one, but we’d bet yours is a common and simple solution. In this free lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to troubleshoot a faulty fridge that doesn’t seem to want to keep its cool.

To help get RV refrigerators back up and running, Dave takes you outside our demo camper to show you the inside of a sample burner assembly. He walks you through a quick troubleshooting session, pointing out each of the components that could be to blame for your fridge’s cold feet. You’ll learn what happens when the assembly’s spark ignitor is cracked or the flame sensor probe is covered, and discover the best way to fix whatever issue you find!

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15 Responses to “Troubleshooting a Faulty RV Propane Refrigerator”

  1. Jimmy

    I have a flame but the red still comes on but still burning

  2. Lloyd Field

    I would like to know how to install a propane bypass system for adding an external tank. Can you please help? Thanks, Lloyd Field

  3. Mark Graham

    I have. A fridge it's duel propane and electric it doesn't get cold the back of the unit tho gets extremely hot any suggestions

  4. Jim Marchitto

    This is the worst video. The camera never actually shows the assembly or which components need to be cleaned up.

  5. Michael Mazur

    I have a problem with defrosting, I get a lot of ice buildup inside, any hints?

  6. Fr. Martin Ritsi

    I tried this and all kinds of trouble shooting. In the end, my driveway isn’t level and that was the problem. Check level first!

  7. Leanne Mitchell

    Electrolux 4400 fridge,blue flame lights,release the button.Flame goes out.Checked and cleaned the flue,has not fixed the issue.Any suggestions.

  8. Mike

    Have a 1200 series Norcold refrigerator. Freezer works great. Refrigerator will not cool. We have changed the thermistor and it worked for a little while now it’s stopped cooling again.

  9. Edward

    Will not come on in electric or l lp setings.

  10. withrowconstruction

    I have a 2011 Puma travel trailer. The refrigerator works on electric, but does not get as cold as it should. At the camp site, it works fine on gas. But, when we travel to and from the camp site, we put refrigerator on gas, but the refrigerator is not staying cold. On a 7 hrs travel, the freezer stuff starts thawing and the refrigerator items become warm. Any ideas? Thank you.

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