How to Clean a Rubber Roof

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By cleaning the roof of your RV at least once a year, you ensure that the material will last much longer and keep your unit free of leaks and damage. Taking care of an RV roof is a simple process, but it can be fairly time consuming and dangerous if you don’t take the proper precaution. With the right methods and materials, you can keep your roof in tiptop shape and not have to worry about it until its next cleaning. In this lesson, we teach you how to clean a TPO roof with basic commercial products and an hour of your spare time.

How to clean a TPO roof: a step-by-step guide

When it comes to most makes and models, the warranty on your RV should last 10 years, assuming you take proper care of the vehicle. That goes for every component on the unit, including the roof. If you clean and condition the roof regularly, it should be under warranty should you experience any unforeseen issues. With that in mind, you should only need to clean your roof once a year to keep it in good shape. To help you figure out the correct way to maintain your rubber roof, Dave Solberg walks you through a step-by-step demonstration on how to clean a TPO roof.

In beginning to show you how to clean a TPO roof, Dave introduces some things you should be aware of when you’re up on the rubber roof, including walking on wet spots near the corners of the roof. He explains which products he prefers to use, such as a rubber roof cleaner and conditioner you can pick up at a local store, and then teaches you how to clean a TPO roof with simple scrubbing motions.

You’ll learn some easy tips for maintaining the areas around vents and antennae, as well as how to safely clean a TPO roof to avoid damage to the rubber. He also recommends keeping a close eye on cracks and indentations that might eventually lead to punctures and, in turn, leaks. With this quick walkthrough on how to clean a TPO roof, you’ll be able to thoroughly wash and condition your rubber roof to make it last much, much longer!

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2 Responses to “How to Clean a Rubber Roof”

  1. Roy Girard

    I have a 2017 Shasta Flyte 215 travel trailer. I want to clean and condition my roof. I think it is rubber coated roof??? Also can I walk on this roof??? The trailer did not come with a ladder attached and some people say “no factory ladder, no walking on the roof???
    Please advise me so that I don’t damage my roof.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Roy,

      You should be able to walk on the roof, most trailer manufacturers do not put a ladder due to cost and liability. If there is a weight limit, there should be a sticker on the roof stating so? Just to be safe, I would suggest not stepping within a foot of any opening such as a roof vent, sewer pipe vent, AC unit etc. You can also use a 2 x 6” placed on the roof to help span the weight as you walk.

      To verify what rubber material you have, remove a frame around a roof vent on the inside of the rig. This will expose extra material “tucked” in the opening. If the backing material is black, you have EPDM, if it matches the outside color it is TPO, if it is fleece lined it is Alpha Systems. Check out the videos on recommendations for each material.

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